Always Striving, Never Happy – Sound Familiar?

​ Kotor, Montenegro I was stuck on Facebook for a few minutes, and I noticed a common theme: striving.Everyone is striving for something, wanting something, looking for something. This in itself isn’t a bad thing at all if striving came with a set of positive emotions like motivation, inspiration, joy, creativity…But the kind of striving […]

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The Shocking Truth About Proactiv

I have a long relationship with Proactive.​Once upon a time…I started breaking out. It all started when I was a teenager at around age 13.Read my full acne story here.​For a while I didn’t know what to do, but my skin was so embarrassingly bad that I knew I had to try something, anything.I kept seeing […]

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The Best Cleansers For Acne-Prone Skin

Today I will discuss why a good cleanser is important, what signs to look out for if you’re using the wrong cleanser, and which cleansers you can safely use for great, happy skin. I will also cover basic cleansing techniques so you know what you’re doing!I’ve heard people completely discount the importance of using a […]

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How Many Times A Day Should I Wash My Face?

​As you might already know, I’m a clean freak, so it’s only fitting that I dive into face washing with you today because I have some thoughts on the topic.The face washing debate has been on for a long time. Everybody has a different theory with respect to face washing, but there are three popular stances that […]

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Adult Acne – The Worst Skin Of My Late 20s

Here I am with the worst skin of my late twenties. Look at me world! I look like sh*t!My forehead is littered with bumps and tiny whiteheads, my cheeks are bumpy, my skin feels rough…The only good areas of my face is my nose and chin at this point.The worst part of it is that […]

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Why I Always Break Out In the Same Place

Jojoba Oil, though an extreme source of frustration, reinforced one valuable point about my face: my skin is not the same all over my face and reacts differently depending on the area affected. Let me explain.I have combination skin – I’ve known this for as long as I can remember. My T-zone can get very oily […]

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