Quitting Benzoyl Peroxide

Desert Essence Jojoba Oil for Acne

Desert Essence Jojoba Oil Experiment

My interview with Tracy Raftl had a big impact on me. Tracy made me realize that I've really depended on a couple of products over the years for my clear skin. 

I don't want to be dependent on any single thing for clear skin. The goal is to be healthy and have low-maintenance skin. Instead, I've been lugging around bottles of products with me for years, afraid that the acne would return if I stopped using them.

I've been traveling for the last two months, and I ran out of my trusty Benzoyl Peroxide. I panicked a little, and had my neighbor ship another huge container (my backup) to Vancouver from Toronto. 

If you've watched my How To Cure Your Acne In 6 Weeks video, you know how much I love Benzoyl Peroxide - because it's worked to clear my skin! The truth is, I've been using Benzoyl Peroxide for about 13 years now - THIRTEEN YEARS.

I didn't like feeling panic over a product, though, and I certainly didn't like feeling that kind of dependence. ​

External products can mask the symptoms of a greater problem, a problem that comes from inside. Benzoyl Peroxide kept the pimples away even when I wasn't taking care of myself properly.

If I stopped using Benzoyl Peroxide in the past, the pimples returned. Like I said, an external product doesn't actually ​fix the real cause of your acne. 

​I had acne because I ate things that didn't agree with me, and because I was rough on my skin as a result (using products like Proactive) thinking that it would destroy the acne.

I had it all wrong.

My skin care routine really helped me stay clear, it's true. But I still had to look within, and fix internal issues.

Now that I feel like I'm pretty balanced overall - my diet is the best it's ever been, I'm getting enough sleep, I'm hydrated, I'm active, I'm working on being extremely positive and mindful - it's time to ween myself off of Benzoyl Peroxide.

Big gulp. After 13 years of consistent use, I'm going to see if everything else I did up to this point has really cured my acne, or was it just my Benzoyl Peroxide.

I wouldn't try this if I had really bad skin and poor diet and lifestyle because I think it might be too emotionally difficult to remain patient and hopeful. I would want to have clear skin and a clean lifestyle before experimenting with natural products, or maintenance skin care.

chemical products replaced by natural products

My Skin Care Routine Transformation Experiment

Manuka Honey Cleanser and Mask

My first step in attempting to liberate myself from my skin care routine was trying Manuka Honey. I got Wedderspoon 100% RAW Manuka Honey Active 16+ 500g at Whole Foods. This stuff is expensive for honey, but it lasts forever!

I started by rotating in this one product so that I could see if I got a reaction. I don't recommend completely changing your skin care routine because it will be impossible to monitor which product might be causing a reaction.

I've tested it for over a month now and I know that it's extremely hydrating and balancing so far. I use Manuka Honey as a mask before bed, or to wash my face in the morning. I haven't had a bad reaction to the honey, but keep in mind that some people are extremely allergic to it.

I can't say that Manuka Honey is a miracle product and my face is completely perfect, but it's been great at maintaining my skin, and I'll continue to use it.​

The simple fact that I'm washing my face with only 1 ingredient makes me feel good. I use Manuka Honey to replace Benzoyl Peroxide. 

Both are antibacterial, however, Manuka Honey is completely natural with the added benefit of hydrating my skin instead of drying it out like Benzoyl Peroxide did.

The next step was the hardest...​

Jojoba Oil Moisturizer For Acne-Prone Skin

I had a horrible experience with oils in university, where I literally created the worst acne I ever had. I was experimenting with Jojoba and Almond oil​s in obscene quantities. I was SLATHERING my face with them and breaking out like crazy as a result.

So I completely denounced oils in skin care. Now that I'm older and wiser, I realize that there's no room for rigidity in skin care, and it's important to stay open-minded. I may have just been using the oil wrong.

Years later, I think I'm at a point now where I'm not afraid of Jojoba Oil. Like I said, everything is working in my life, I'm taking great care of myself, so this is the time to try it. I want to see for myself if Jojoba Oil will work for on acne-prone skin when it is used correctly.

​I got a tiny bottle of Desert Essence Jojoba Oil 3 days ago.

Can Desert Essence Jojoba Oil really help acne-prone skin?

I decided to ease myself into it by only applying 3 tiny drops before bed onto really damp skin every other night. My plan is to use it once a day in the evenings for a week or so and see how I react. I'm not rushing this experiment!

If all goes well (it should) I'll begin using it twice a day after week 1.​

​Why Jojoba Oil?​

Jojoba Oil is actually a wax, and it's said to be similar in consistency to our own natural skin oil (sebum). It's said to be non-comedogenic.

Our skin is miraculous - it moisturizes itself using sebum. But since my skin is still a bit acne-prone, it overproduces sebum. It also partly overproduces sebum because of the drying ingredients (BP + Salicylic Acid) that I've used for years.

I'm using Jojoba to try to balance my skin, so that it stops overproducing sebum. I can't imagine a better moisturizer than one with an almost identical structure to our own moisturizer. 

My dream for the last 14 years was to have low-maintenance skin. It would be lovely to replace my old skin care routine and just use Manuka Honey (Morning), Bioderma Sensibio H20 (Evening) and Jojoba Oil.

I haven't experimented in years, because I know what works for clear skin. I didn't feel the need to fix that which wasn't broken.

But I feel I have a responsibility to you to try all the (safe) options. The chemical route will always be available to us. You could always order some Bioderma and some Benzoyl Peroxide for clear skin...But can the natural route work?

I'm experimenting again, so that you don't have to.

You can watch the video below to hear me talk through all this...

I'll be sure to update you on my Jojoba Oil experience.

With Love,


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