10 Tips For Flawless Skin – Say Goodbye To Acne

I covered some pretty big concepts last thinking the right way for better skin. I truly believe that our mindset plays a huge role on how we perceive and deal with a problem, particularly acne. This week I’d like to share some things I did personally, that completely transformed my skin, and liberated me from […]

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The 5 Steps To Great Skin (Are They What You Think?)

En route to Whistler, British Columbia I know that living with not so perfect skin, or worse, living with acne, feels like you’re not really living. You’re focusing your mental energy on this problem, comparing yourself to others on the subway, or on the street; seems like every passerby has better skin than you.I know […]

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My Acne Saga – 10 Long Pimply Years

I should tell you a little more about myself. I’ve been meaning to write all this when I first started my blog… Delving into my Acne past, however, isn’t the most pleasant thing, so I’ve procrastinated it for three years now. This might me the most difficult post I’ve written to date.Here goes: My Acne […]

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Are Cosmetics Dangerous?

I don’t know if you noticed but I’m serious about this skin care thing. I really want to help you be an educated consumer so that you can go out there and make excellent decisions on what to buy and what to put on your face or in your body. There are many myths out […]

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Birthday Girl

I turned 27 today and I’m really happy. 26 was a tough age. A lot of growing pains, and just plain pains. It was the year I didn’t get on an airplane once. Not once. I worked an office job that I didn’t like, 9-5 five days a week of dulling down my personality, of doing […]

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