I Went Crazy And Destroyed My Face

14 years of Acne, though on and off, really begins to wear on you…I try to be patient, hopeful, and optimistic – I’ve given up some, nay, most of the yummiest, most-loved foods in my life. No more milk, no cheese, no coffee, no bread, no pasta, no cookies…It was good for a while! My […]

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Can I Use Jojoba Oil On Acne-Prone Skin?

Oh Jojoba Jojoba…Imagine you had a lifelong enemy, someone who caused you a lot of pain and hurt…You hadn’t seen them in years but the mere mention of them made you scowl. When you finally met again, instead of feeling pain, you were overwhelmed with joy! Turns out they weren’t your enemy, after all, you […]

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Quitting Benzoyl Peroxide

Desert Essence Jojoba Oil Experiment My interview with Tracy Raftl had a big impact on me. Tracy made me realize that I’ve really depended on a couple of products over the years for my clear skin. I don’t want to be dependent on any single thing for clear skin. The goal is to be healthy and […]

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What’s Keeping You From Curing Your Acne

​You may know already that I offer One-On-One mentoring to help people cure their acne. You can find out more about it by clicking here. ​Today I want to work through some common objections, misunderstandings, or myths that people might have when dealing with acne, and particularly, listening to me and my advice on the subject. ​These are common objections […]

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Why Is Curing Acne So Difficult?

I started drawing again 🙂 Some people are able to cure their acne, while others appear to be trying hard but can’t. Why is it that some people can attain great skin while others can’t? Why does acne go away for some and comes back for others? ​Why is curing acne more difficult for some than […]

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