My Morning Routine – Transforming From A 6 To A 10 With Makeup

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I don't know about you, but having acne didn't made my morning routine any simpler.

I had to cleanse, treat, moisturize and then apply sunscreen in the morning, and cleanse, tone, treat and moisturize at night.

I use a lot of products. This was most notable whilst traveling, when I had to make sure to leave a huge empty space in my suitcase specifically for my huge bag of toiletries. I also travel with my own hairdryer because no other hairdryer can compare (salon quality, baby).

This meant bringing at least two less pairs of shoes on any given trip. The HORROR!

But seriously, acne means constant upkeep and action, right?

After my unsuccessful Jojoba Oil Experiment where minimal upkeep and products didn't agree with my skin, I've actually come to love and appreciate my old routine - though I've slightly modified it.

I actually filmed the whole thing for you while away on my Birthday Trip to Las Vegas in February. Keep reading, it's coming up!

Side note: The video was filmed in literally the best hotel I've ever encountered - the Mandarin Oriental. The service was impeccable, and I loved the attention to detail and personal touches.

For example, the loveliest concierge had her birthday the day after mine, and organized a surprise birthday cake and handwritten card for me, AND an upgrade to a room with a Strip view. The hotel's food was also quite delectable - possibly my favorite part after the coziest king sized bed ever.

Now I also have a thing for king sized beds...

Back to my routine!

You might be shocked at how many steps it takes to look human! To be fair, this routine is for special occasions only. I don't normally fuss this long to get ready.

My regular day-to-day routine is a little more simple, with no liquid foundation, no liquid eyeliner, no hairspray...

But for special occasions like a photoshoot...maybe a Christmas Party if I really want to put some effort in (I normally don't)...and I used to do this before dates, back when I was young and insane: Did I mention that I'm 27 now?

So good to be a whole year wiser!

Video Recap And Details

I start with a good ol' fashioned shower, where I shampoo and condition, and rinse my body with shower gel and wash my face last with a gentle cleanser, making sure to wash off any shampoo/conditioner residue that can lead to breakouts. I sometimes apply body lotion or plain coconut oil after toweling off. 

My shower sesh is intense, because I'm quite the 'Clean Freak'.​

After toweling off my body and hair, I brush my hair with a special detangling brush and apply hair oil to my ends to protect them whilst drying. Drying takes about 10-13 minutes, and I find that I get the best hair if I start drying when the hair is still soaking wet.

After my hair is semi-dry, I put it up in a bun using the nearest makeup brush, to let it air dry into a natural curl while I continue with the rest of my routine. I leave two pieces of hair out, the ones framing my face, and tuck them behind my ear. My ears gives the hair a natural curl that you'll see in the grand reveal at the end of the video.

This is my hair secret - the lowest maintenance way to get a natural wave without using any other heat styling products.I loathe heat styling products...after going through a curling iron phase and ruining my ends back when I was young and insane.

Have naturally wavy hair like me?

Here's a tip: Start blowdrying soon after getting out of the shower. If I let my hair air dry first before blowdrying, it gets wavy immediately, and doesn't retain the shape I want.

It doesn't quite shine the same either.

The hair is left to fully dry while I apply my pimple cream, moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, concealer, mineral powder, blush, eye shadow primer, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip pencil and lip brush.

Super simple! It only takes a good HOUR.

If you wanna see how much effort is necessary to go from a 6 to 10... here's the video.

I'm quite literally baring it all and showing you how #iwokeuplikethis and how #ididntwakeuplikethis - me without and with makeup. Let the transformation begin.

Products Used

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