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Dude, Where’s My Horse?

Boots are the best thing about the cold. This is my most badass pair to date – made of thick Italian leather. The look has an equestrian feel to it because of the proportions of the boots with the coat. The only thing I’m missing is a horse. Wearing: Sicky sunglasses, Duffy sweater (similar here), […]

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Max Mara Coat

We’ve been incredibly lucky here in Toronto with the weather! It has been consistently warm, and Christmas was without snow for the first time that I can remember! I have a theory.. In the past I resisted winter and it would be especially bitter and freezing – this year I decided to accept it and […]

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The impending cold wasn’t so difficult to handle this year because I was prepared – I had jackets and boots, and I was excited to wear them! Jackets and boots make fall fun for me – one of my favorite pieces this year is the Essentiel Antwerp varsity jacket. It was instant raw animal magnetism when […]

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Girl Who No Longer Squats

This is a public service announcement. I can’t tell you how many squats I did this summer. My intention was to tone my backside, but instead of just that I grew it 1.5 inches – not my intention. I don’t know if you know this, but growing your bum also involves growing your quads – […]

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I love t-shirts with slits because it’s a way to be a little sexy by showing a sliver of skin, without making everybody around you uncomfortable and worried about your state of mind and self-esteem issues. Paired with ultra unsexy camouflage pants that resemble pyjamas, and somewhat sexy heels (with which I’m obsessed) and you’re […]

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