Best Cleanser Ever – Bioderma Sensibio H20 Review

best cleanser, 2 in 1, makeup remover, Bioderma

best cleanser, 2 in 1, makeup remover, Bioderma

best cleanser, 2 in 1, makeup remover, Bioderma

best cleanser, 2 in 1, makeup remover, Bioderma

best cleanser, 2 in 1, makeup remover, Bioderma

This review has been a long time coming! I’ve tried countless cleansers, and the Bioderma Sensibio H20 Make-up Removing Micelle Solution is one of two favourites (the other is the Bioderma Sebium Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser, video review here). It’s the most gentle cleanser on the market, and most effective in removing all kinds of impurities, make-up and even sunscreen. As a bonus, it doesn’t irritate eyes and is great for contact-lens wearers. Gone are the days of having to use two different products to clean your face, and I don’t know why make-up removers as such still remain on the market. I have gone though many bottles of this product, and I buy it in the largest possible size. It comes out to be the same price per millilitre as both the L’Oreal and Simple micelle solutions (neither of which are as good).

Everyone to whom I’ve ever spoken about micelle solutions appears to think that they don’t need to be washed off. To me this is absurd, because you’re basically leaving a bunch of chemicals meant to get everything off your skin on your skin. A friend of mine experienced intense cystic acne from not washing off this product, so my concern is real. I think that WATER makes micelle solutions more gentle and effective, even though they are marketed as not needing it to get the job done.

How to cleanse your face (my instructions are not like the ones on the bottle): 

1.Splash face with warm water.

2.Apply Bioderma Sebium H20 on a Cotton Pad and gently remove makeup. Wring out cotton pad under water, and add more of the Micelle Solution to remove everything, being extra gentle around the eye area. Refrain from rubbing hard as this product will dissolve whatever needs removing anyway.

3.Once all the make-up is gone, splash lukewarm (or even cool water) on your face to remove the cleanser and close your pores.

4.While your skin is still damp, follow with a moisturizer (I love Bioderma’s Hydrabio Light, review here).

To conclude, this product is incredibly gentle and effective, especially when used properly. It leaves the skin clean but not stripped of moisture, and overtime I’ve found that it helps improve my skin overall.

I hope you found my thoughts on micelle solutions useful and you can watch my latest video reviews on this product in English and Russian on my Youtube channel!

Have a beautiful day,

x Olena

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