Are Cosmetics Dangerous?

I don’t know if you noticed but I’m serious about this skin care thing.

I really want to help you be an educated consumer so that you can go out there and make excellent decisions on what to buy and what to put on your face or in your body.

There are many myths out there from cosmetics causing cancer to expensive cosmetics being better and more effective than cheaper products.

I sat down to speak to world renowned cosmetic chemist, Perry Romanowski. Perry has over 20 years of experience in the field of cosmetic chemistry, he’s what I call an OG Expert… You might know him from various appearances on the Dr. Oz Show where he dispels a lot of myths in the beauty industry.

Perry Romanowski, cosmetics expert

Perry Romanowski on the Dr. Oz Show

This interview is special because we get to hear from a man who has literally formulated the products that we use – nobody knows more about the beauty industry than him!

Perry’s perspective is very valuable because it comes from a scientific background instead of the regular hyperbole that’s out there in the media. 

Here are some questions and topics we covered:

  • What’s next for Perry?
  • What will be the next ‘It’ product, new trend in cosmetics?
  • The truth about cosmetics marketing – What should a consumer look out for in terms of wording, promises?
  • How important is sunscreen? What makes a good sunscreen? Is it safe?
  • Are natural cosmetics really better and safer?
  • What is soap-free? Are soap-free products really better than products with soap in them?
  • How can a consumer know if a product really is non-comedogenic? How well regulated is this?
  • What are the worst ingredients (most comedogenic and commonly used) to put on your face?
  • What are some ingredients one should look for in an effective moisturizer? Why?
  • Is there anything wrong with treating Acne with ingredients like Benzoyl-Peroxide, Alpha Hydroxy or Beta Hydroxy acids?
  • Why do is Acne so prevalent nowadays, what’s changed?
  • Is sulfate-free shampoo a marketing gimmick, or is it indeed better?
  • How dangerous are parabens, sulfates, and phthalates?
  • What are some crazy fear inducing myths out there with respect to cosmetics?
  • Is there a huge difference between expensive and inexpensive makeup or skin care?
  • How did Perry become so prolific in the cosmetic industry?
  • What is a cosmetic chemist?
  • What Guinness World Record is Perry Romanovski famous for?
  • Bonus Material: What is a cause of skin irritation and Acne that you’d never consider?

I learned a ton from talking to Perry, and I hope you did too. Let me know if you’d be interested in more interviews like this with different skin care experts by commenting below.

Perry has a weekly podcast on where he answers questions about beauty products from anybody – so you can ask any other questions you might have!

And if you’re interested in creating your own products, he also teaches a course on that on

Thank you for watching!

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