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The Ultimate Guide to Curing your Acne using Olena's 'Clean Freak Formula':
  • Clean Skin. It starts with the right routine.
  • Clean Lifestyle. Your daily choices impact your skin, from how you use your phone to how much you sleep.
  • Clean Food. We're going to identify your problem foods, and determine a solution.

Do You Have Acne? Here's my Acne Story...

I got acne for the first time when I was thirteen. It was inflammatory and comedonal, red and white,
and everywhere. The internet wasn’t as prominent a resource at the time, so I really didn’t know
what to do - years of experimentation and research followed.

I was just overproducing sebum and my skin couldn't keep up. My Dermatologist suggested Accutane and I actually got it. But when I read the mile long list of side effects, I just couldn't go through with something that extreme. Accutane at 14? Hell no.

My mom said I had to clean my face.. Basically that my face was just dirty... And that's a common misconception.

I started using OXY pads in the hopes of clearing my skin - they just dried it out. Plus, I was too young to wear makeup, so everybody saw my angry, red Acne! 

I remember getting those looks of pity.. My skin wasn’t a reflection of who I was, but who could see past the acne-ridden face?

Though an extrovert now, I was majorly embarrassed to leave the house, and to be seen by others. When I did, I felt the need to seriously overcompensate with personality to distract from my skin.

I tried Proactive. There was an improvement, but ultimately not enough to actually have clear skin. I still got pimples regularly, and my skin was increasingly dry. Proactive was extremely harsh, but the good thing is that it made me research skincare more. I started paying attention to ingredients.

Then I discovered acne.org and decided to try Dan’s regime and products. My skin improved further, but my acne wasn’t cured. I still got deep, scar causing pimples regularly.

I found Dan’s cleanser to be too drying, and his moisturizer not moisturizing enough. Plus at that point I wore makeup, and needed my foundation to go on smoothly, and Dan’s regime didn’t take that into account.

After Dan changed some of his formulas (his Moisturizer), I went searching for more effective products. I alternated with expensive, drugstore, and natural products - caused pretty severe damage just because of lack of knowledge in the area, especially with ingredients.

I learned that price didn’t indicate quality. In fact, many expensive creams contain mineral oil - a kryptonite acne causing ingredient!

The worst thing I did to myself was attempt a completely natural skincare routine using oils (jojoba, almond, tea tree oil, and vegetable glycerine). See picture.

I had to get back to the basics…

Cleanser, Treatment, Moisturizer - and tried to find the best products in each category. This was a painstaking and sometimes expensive series of experiments.

I also tried excluding certain acne causing foods from my diet, and went through some pretty extreme lifestyle choices to find a solution. I was vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, tried the 80/10/10 diet, Raw till 4, Bulletproof diet, and really learned how foods affect my skin.

I found the perfect acne skin care routine when I learned about the right combination of ingredients, products, and nutrients. My skin started drastically improving.

I was finally able to curate a selection of products, lifestyle choices, and diet to fix my skin - for good. The good news is that everything I recommend is doable, and far from being extreme or harsh (no Accutane, no Proactive, no crazy diets).

​Are you genetically screwed?

You might be genetically predisposed to acne, but it doesn’t mean you can’t cure it. It’s like with weight management - you may be genetically predisposed to gain weight more easily, but it doesn’t mean you have to be overweight.

Genetics is a great excuse, but that’s all that it is. Everything can be fixed - everything; but action is required. You might already think you know what is the root cause of your acne, but why do you still have it?

There are many products/medicines out there that claim to cure acne and many excuses as to why it persists despite their use. From Proactive to Accutane, to natural remedies I wish that any of these worked without side effects. Acne isn’t a matter of doing ONE thing. Accutane seems like an easy fix; kill all the bacteria in your body while drying out your system and creating digestion problems and a list of other side effects. What do you think digestion problems do? They cause inflammation in your body, and inflammation causes acne (and cancer!). Ask yourself if clear skin is worth doing that to your body.

Many people claim that oil can cure acne, well why didn’t oil cure my acne? I was consistent for a month - I tried jojoba, almond, and tea tree oils and all I got was the acne that you see in the photo. My acne got much, much worse.

Leaving the house was a chore, taking me a good 40 minutes just to carefully mask the pimples… But oils forced me to get back to the basics. The secret is in the basics; consistent action with the right ingredients.

My approach comes from an educated place, not guesswork. I’m not going to go to the drugstore and pick up a random Neutrogena cleanser with soap as the second ingredient, because it says on the bottle that it’s going to clear acne. I’m not going to waste time using it, hoping that my skin will stop overproducing oil by cleansing it as much as I can with the wrong product. Sound familiar?

I’m not going to buy the Proactive system, and exfoliate my skin twice a day because some people say it works for them. Exfoliating twice a day? What a great idea! Thank you skincare experts! I’m being very sarcastic, since overexfoliation is why Proactive stops working, and you’re left with dehydrated skin, that’s even more sensitive than before. But the people who recommend it don’t care.

No, I don’t do what other people do and I’m not going to tell you to do what other people do.

When I choose a cleanser it’s going to have the right ingredients and will contain no soap. It will not strip my skin of natural oils, it won’t force me to overproduce oil on my face, it won’t cause more acne - and my cleanser might not even be labelled for acne-prone skin specifically, but I know the difference between good and bad products.

Through 14 years of research and experience, there’s no other option but to know what to do, and how to do it.

Once I figured it out, I tested it out on a few friends. I wanted to make sure it really works - I wanted to be certain that my advice would actually help people. Low and behold, their skin improved.

One of my friends, Julia, had the most severe kind of cystic acne - her forehead, cheeks and chin were covered with pimple on top of red pimple. After just one week following my advice her skin began improving, and after two weeks her acne decreased by 50%. Now she is 95% clear, everything is healing, and scars are fading. She can now easily wear makeup without flakes and bumps everywhere. Her renewed confidence is the best part of the experience though!

There’s so much information out there, but a lot of it is just ignored. You might know your foundation is causing you to break out, but you continue to use it. You might know that your diet needs work in order to help your skin, but you don’t know where to begin. You might know that you need a good benzoyl peroxide cream but you don’t know which one to get. You might not know anything at all about skin care ingredients, but you just want clear skin!

You might just need a bit of guidance, feedback, or a push...

The good news is that there’s hope! You aren’t the only one who has acne. I had it, and now I don’t. There is a way out, we can solve it! I experimented for years so that you don’t have to!

Acne is a sign that something is off. And we're going to make it right!​

I want to help you cure acne in 6 weeks and get your skin under control!

Olena's 'Clean Freak Formula' 

The first thing that helped me propel my skin into the clear zone was becoming a Clean Freak with respect to my skin. I use the term lovingly to denote a way of life.

It starts with the proper hygiene, but it ends with a clean lifestyle and diet.

Acne prone skin is good for at least one thing: it shows you that a change must be made, that you have to do something; it calls on you to act. Action is required for clear skin, for overall health. Most skin care companies, and most food companies don't care about the consequences on your health. But you have to care. 

I've developed a formula that consists of a well-rounded approach to curing acne. It includes being consistent with your skin care routine, making small lifestyle changes that help you feel better in general, eliminating some foods and introducing the right supplements to really take your skin to the next level!

I want to help you not only get rid of existing acne, but also get rid of old scars and discoloration - yes those scars that won't go away! 

This approach is going to change your skin, and your life! 

​You'll be able to leave the house without feeling paranoid about your skin, without worrying about people staring at your pimples - because you'll feel confident and wonderful and your skin will be a reflection of your lovely self!

    • I’ll take the guesswork out of choosing the right product.
    • I'll tell you exactly how and when to apply your products.
    • I'll tell you exactly what you should eat, and what foods you should avoid.

I’ll be there to support you through the process.

I take on 5 women every month to guide them through the process of identifying their skin problems, and solving them - through a Skype conversation. It's fun and easy, and you get to use my 14 years of experience without having to navigate the internet, or the drugstore trying to find products or systems that work. I don't want you to waste any more time!

I'll be with you for six weeks, 1 hour a week, to equip you with everything you need for clear skin!
I'm not a dermatologist - I'm your acne fairy godmother, and I care. ​

I don't want you to have to try something as extreme as Accutane, or something as harsh and ineffective as Proactive in order to cure your Acne (which is what a Dermatologist will recommend). I don't want you to cure acne by replacing it with another problem (like a lowered immune system, or dehydrated skin) - I don't want you to make the same mistakes that everybody makes.

I want you to cure Acne the right way, by becoming a  'Clean Freak'! We'll clear up your skin, your diet, and your lifestyle. You experience a whole new, confident you. Are you as excited as I am to get started?

6 Calls in 6 Weeks to whip your skin into shape - gently.

Book a session as soon as possible because I have a finite amount of time!

Acne Recon

We're going to identify the problem, and determine a solution and action plan. Our first conversation will be a recon mission, I'm going to get to know you and your skin, but also your lifestyle and other contributing factors.

Become a Clean Freak

We're going to revamp the way you do things to your skin - that includes hygiene, lifestyle, and diet.

Clean Mind

We're going to build confidence, reduce stress, and feel good about your skin. With a plan in place, you don't have to worry about your skin anymore.


We're going to modify bad habits, and replace them with good ones, all in the name of great skin!


We're going to closely monitor how your skin reacts to the positive changes.


You will be able to apply all the knowledge you've acquired through me. 

    My Skin With Acne

    My Skin After The 'Clean Freak Formula'

    How Your Life Will Improve:​

    -Make a great first impression every time with clear skin!

    -Your overall health is going to improve, you might find that you have far more energy, less headaches, and are in a better mood!​

    -Never cancel a date because of your acne again!

    -Renewed Confidence and Self-Esteem will turn you into a Social Butterfly!​ Get ready to blow people away with your lovely self!

    -Your face will no longer dictate your social schedule! Time to leave the house and meet people!

    -Social Science tells us that people who look better make more money (Confidence is a huge part of success!) - and you will definitely
    look and feel better!

    -Get noticed for your great taste, your wonderful personality, your contribution - not your acne!​

    -Get the one skincare product that most people don’t have in their arsenal that is guaranteed to improve your skin in the first week of use.

    -Give up the foods that not only mess with your face, but also make you groggy, unfocused, and unbalanced.​ It's easier than it sounds!

    Why Wait? Book now (only 5 1 spot left)

    Why talk to Olena?


    Let's figure out what mistakes you might be making with respect to your skincare routine, lifestyle and diet, and fix them. I will talk you through absolutely everything. No more guesswork.


    You might need a push in the right direction to make the changes that will benefit you, and particularly your skin. Or you might be completely clueless about Acne, so I will answer all of your questions and concerns. No more guesswork.


    Having the perfect formula for your skin type and maintaining a regular routine is paramount to curing your acne. I will talk you through products, how to and when to properly use them so that you don't have to waste time and energy experimenting with random products on the market. I will provide a step–by–step implementation plan and advice for your skin. No more guesswork.


    Undoubtably there are things in your diet holding you back from the skin of your dreams. I will help you figure it out, and support you on eliminating them. We will also introduce acne health foods and supplements to help your skin heal. No more guesswork.

    What People Are Saying

    Julia T.,Belgium

    “Olena was so great in helping me figure out what to use, and what foods to give up to improve my skin! Everything is healing (I had intense cystic acne), and I hardly ever breakout anymore... I'm so happy! My confidence is back! It was a blessing to have Olena support me and push me when things got difficult. I drink so much water now lol! Thank you Olena!!!”

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    - Personalized Skin Care Routine
    - Personalized Nutrition Guide
    - Lifestyle and Diet Overhaul

    - Advice and Support​
    - Skin Transformation

    - Improved Overall Health and Happiness​

    • Bonus: Recorded Skype Calls so that you can review when needed.
    • Bonus: Free membership to the Clean Freak Formula Facebook Support Group so you can ask questions anytime. You're one of us now!

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    - Personalized Skin Care Routine
    - Personalized Nutrition Guide
    - Lifestyle and Diet Overhaul

    - Advice and Support​
    - Skin Transformation

    - Improved Overall Health and Happiness​

    • Bonus: Recorded Skype Calls so that you can review when needed.
    • Bonus: Free membership to the Clean Freak Formula Facebook Support Group so you can ask questions anytime. You're one of us now! 

    $499.00 USD / once

    Your Commitment To The Formula Is Required.

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