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Thank you for your interest in contacting me. You are welcome to email me anytime, however, I cannot guarantee a personal response because I get a lot of email.

I process my email roughly once a week, but I check it every day to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Bear in mind that although I will probably see your email, I can’t respond to every request. If you ask for free coaching, for me to review your blog, to check out your product or anything else that takes longer than 30 seconds for me to get back to, chances are I won’t be able to.

I do what I can, but obviously, I prefer to spend my time helping a wider range of people by creating content, products and supporting my paying clients.

Customer Support Queries

If you have a problem or question about a product or service you have purchased from me, please send an email to the address below.

This email is for CUSTOMERS ONLY.

All customer support queries are responded to as a maximum priority, so you can expect a reply within a couple of hours, up to 24 hours (we do have to sleep!).


At the moment, I am not seeking any new advertising partnerships. However, if you have a product that you think would suit my audience, and could help them see Product Reviews section below.

Guest Posts

I am interested in receiving guest posts, but only if they're relevant to my readers. I'd love to feature awesome experts who can speak more about acne, skin, diet, meditation, psychology and health.

Product Reviews

I am only interested in skin/health related products and I am always excited to try/test/review them. I am honest with my opinions, and will not say anything that I don't believe in. Make sure that the products you send can really help someone with skin problems, not just generic products that don't do anything for the skin.

My latest interest is in finding great (whole food) supplements, foods, and moisturizers for acne-prone skin.

Joint Ventures/Affiliate Requests

I am open to select joint ventures, however, I rarely do them from people who cold-approach via email if I do not already know you from some other connection. I'm open-minded, though, and can consider your partnership.

Podcast Interviews

If you want to be featured on my podcast, again it is a smarter idea if you can get introduced via a mutual connection. However, if you have an acne/skin story that you think my readers have to hear, or if you are an expert who can contribute to the conversation about skin, then email me at

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My email address is:

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