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      ompany info

      Contact us

      Handan Xiangsheng Cast Co., Ltd

      TEL:+86-310-7860788 7888788

      Contact:Li Xinliang




      Current Position:Chinese>>English>>About us>>Culture


      Development Strategy:
      based on the castings, multi-intensive, fully developing marketing network; customer-centric,and strive to become into a global company providing excellent services.
      The spirit of Enterprise:
      The harmonious development and the pursuit of excellence
      Harmonious Development: the pursuit of harmony rhyme is human nature. Harmonious development of enterprises means coordinated development of enterprise and the environment, harmony between human and the environment. Seeking the development of enterprises in the protection of the environment.
      Pursuit of Excellence: Pursuit high standards and excellent quality; Constantly better ourselves, strive for progress every day.
      Management concept: Right things by right man,  The right man in the right place
      Right things by right man: the company will select of the most appropriate staff through scientific mechanism, and achieve maximum efficiency by optimizing the allocation of human resources.
      The right man in the right place: the company respect employees' pursuit of the ideal life and career,and we support staff engaged in the most suitable job.
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